"Rubber Duck Worship (Goddamn Sadistic)" (2021)   8'

Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Percussion, Piano, and Amplified Double Bass

"breathe, try, lose it, repeat..." (2020)   13'

Flute and Piano

"Year of the Rat" (2020)   12'

2 Percussionists and electronics

"Suburban Monotony (Through Bug Eyes)" (2020)   8'

Flute, Electric Guitar, Overtone Singer, Piano, Double Bass, Electronics

Text by Franz Kafka

"Kissing the Homies Goodnight" (2020)   8'

Flute and Piano

"Introspection" (2020)   6'

Piano Quintet

"Whatever You Do, Don't Panic" (2019)   10'

String Quartet, Jazz Rhythm Section (Bass, Piano, Drums)

"Primordial Dissimilarity" (2019)   8'

Piano Trio

"Emergence" (2019)   7'

Clarinet and Piano